The Six Basic Fears And How To Eliminate Them

Human beings are fear for lot of things but the six basic fears which the human doesn't not surrender its braveness and his confidence means he or she in their life they has to face severe consequences and the end its tragedy for that how to eliminate the six basic fears.

The six basic fears are

How to eliminate the six basic fears

                                             Fear Of Poverty

  • This is one of the bad and worst symptoms for not only the family or individually.
  • The poverty is a big problem to the country wise. Even though the poverty would it be but the persons never did mistakes or don't get fear over about the poverty.
  • Try to eradicate poverty from hard work and braveness as well as clear ideas of confidence.
  • Don't diverge the mindset in wrong ideas and wrong ways at the time of poverty all bad peoples misguided you, so be confidence and never fear the poverty.
  • Get the good pieces of advice and guidelines from the good people from directly as well as read the good books which will help you to overcome the fear of poverty.

Fear of Loss of love

  • The fear over the loss of love happens due to their is no trust or no true in their relationship between them.
  • So first realize the things that you both of them understand and keep a trusty and true relationship.
  • Some of them all time fear about may I lose the love for unwanted things.
  • To eliminate the fear of loss of love be true and trust in the relationship as well as show the true love without any expectations.

Fear Of Criticism or Demophobia

Criticism is the basic fear over the human nature, so many persons think on this Criticism whenever they talk in the meeting of crowd peoples, for example when we meet the interviews are the demo giving of the company products.

  • So for the peoples who are fear for the criticism never wins the race as well as you can't achieve anything.
  • you must keen on the work never get other people's unwanted comments.keep going on your work and get succeed.
  • Past day, the peoples who are criticized are all will appreciate you.
  • To eliminate the fear of criticism get the experience over the meeting of others do the work and get the good experience then there is no one to criticise you after that if anyone criticise you it doesn't affect anything you can handle and tackle it very easily.

Demophobia is the same like criticism. Demophobia is fear of crowds why he or she get a fear of crowds because of if we do anything wrong someone may criticise so avoid the wrong thoughts do the work with bravery and confidence.Remember in the mind no one come to the top position without any criticism of the peoples.

​To eliminate Demophobia avoid the unwanted thinking and do your work with a good sense of knowledge without any fear and the listening of others unwanted comments.

Fear Of ill health

It is one of kind of hypochondria because of the worried you became a more sick patient.Why the fear of illness is said to be hypochondria means if you sick you can recover from that easily or after the some of the risk move even it doesn't need.

  • But the worry of always that I am sick and having the ill health means the ill health does not affect you as much but the worry will definitely make a bad effect in your health.
  • To eliminate the fear of ill health do the exercises regularly and then eat the good foods.
  • Make the mindset clearly think always a good and positively.
  • Don't always think you are weak think I am getting better and better daily.
  • Practice the yoga and the meditation or exercise which will definitely eliminate the fear of ill health.
  • Even never dream the bad thoughts in your sleep as well.Be happy and give happiness to others.

Fear Of Old Age

  • The person who ever he or she must realize that we have long more to go the life is not the end at the old the old age persons never thought that we all finished the duties.
  • Do the work which is your favorite job and do the social activities in the old age because no one can stop this work in this time at the time of young their is not even think about the social work.
  • So make any one of the interesting work by you, avoid the situations like sitting and don't get bored in your mind thinking.
  • The old age persons have to think in mind strongly the body becomes old age but the heart feelings never get older.
  • The one thing is to share the experience with the families at the right time as well as play with the kids as well as remember one thing old is gold.

Fear of death

  • All of them has known the persons who ever born in the world must be die on one day.
  • But no one realizes that so every person has a fear over the death.Life is drama which the birth and the death is a one kind of day to day activity.
  • To eliminate the fear of death persons that he or she must achieve anything in his lifetime, that has to be remembered in all time.
  • so for, the person first come out of the fear and think what the achievement you done, what is the remember-able thing you left it to the old.
  • All the people born and disappear but the persons who achieve they only live forever in the heart of people they never die.
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