How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

The fruit flies are makes very much irritation and the change the environment into the sick one.It is an tiny insect but makes an giant problems and efforts to clean them get rid of the fruit flies. Best Proven Methods To get rid of the fruit flies some of the methods are as follows

  • Keep it clean in the kitchen room and avoid the food particles spread along the room as well as wash the kitchen vessels that is accessories clean with the good detergent washing powders.
  • Do not left the cooked vessels as it is for long times without wash and with the food articles, especially don't leave the food containing vessels openly.
  • And the final thing from the kitchen room clean the sink and remove the all food particles in the room and keep the floor in dry condition because of the wet condition he fruit flies easily smell it and enters your kitchen is predicted.
  • The best solution after remove and clean the kitchen room and where all of you gathered (Dining table or Dining Area) and sit to eat the food. Just take one spoon of salt mix it with water and after soluble just spray over the floor and gently rub it and clean the space the fruit flies are not sit in the floor.
  • All the collected wastes which is garbage from the kitchen are properly dispose in the closely and properly covered Garbage cans to get rid of the fruit flies to sit over on it.
  • Kept all the food items,vegetables as well as the fruits in the closed vessels.Try to store in the Refrigerator and even protect from the decay.
  • All the work and the prevention method even we done the fruit flies are again and again comes it is because it has many entrance to come in so try to use the mesh with the tiny holes through which the air and light only enters.
  • with the help of mesh sealed all the ventilators and the open space which is one of the best way to get rid of the fruit flies in your home as well as one of the preventive measure.
  • Try to move and remove all the unwanted things like place the garbage bags in proper place don't reuse it. Store the manures and fertilizers and the other things in the proper place.Then the Beer and soda cans also clean it properly and store it in the proper place.
  • Apart from all the works the Trap method to get rid of the flies easily they are lot of traps to fruit flies.Take 1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar if not otherwise use the apple cider vinegar and add the washing detergent which is in the liquid form in the cup too.
  • Then add water into the cup gently when the bubbles reach at the tip of the cup leave it from that all the fruit flies get interaction and the attraction and enters the trap and fruit flies are dead which is one of best way to get rid of fruit flies naturally.
  • In your House Maintain all the areas properly and keenly watch and check the areas are cleaned perfectly because it is one of the simplest and easiest method for get rid of fruit flies in your house.
  • By check the cracks in the house like any of the kitchen appliances it will be there.Sink are cleaned properly and correct the leakage it any.
  • Check if any by sniff in your home especially in the kitchen to know anything the rotten smells means correct it by cleaning and take out of it.
  • use the sprayers to kill the bugs and even use it to kill the fruit flies too.By taking the hot water two ounce and add few drops of the diluted lemongrass oil in it.Take the mixture content and spray in the house which will kill the fruit flies even the spiders and ants also.
  • The Important things in get rid of fruit flies are first clean all the places in your house,avoid the wet condition by keep it dry,check the leakages of wastes and liquids.
  • By identifying the decayed substances and remove it properly and finally check it out where the fruit flies are hide and kill them.
  • The ready made fruit fly traps are available in the stores and use it as well as get rid of the fruit flies easily in your home without killing the fruit flies.
  • Most peoples are use the ready made fruit fly traps because it is the fast method to get rid of the fruit flies.
  • Flypaper rolls method of trap is one of the oldest method but most of them using it through this the little fruit flies are caught and this is where they hang the fly paper in the infested areas.
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