5 stages of sleep

The stages of sleep which are comes under the two types of activity based on the Eye movement such as

Rapid Eye movement shortly called as REM
Non-Rapid Eye Movement shortly called as NREM which is also called as quiet sleep.
Sleep which is otherwise known as the paradoxical sleep and also the active sleep.​

​According to this the sleeping stages are classified into the 5 stages of sleep.

  • stage1 of sleep It is the beginning sleep stage which is the lightest sleep of stage this occurs.In this time period of sleep cycle beginning which the sleep plays like in and out of the condition.At this time, you can get easily wake up.During this moment of sleep stage, the eye movement is slow in time and the muscles are get relaxing it is occurs naturally.
  • stage 2 of sleep After the initial stage of sleep the body and the muscles get relaxing continuously and also the heart beating and the breathing rate become slower at the normal condition.so that the most of the doctors give the advice to take rest properly and get the normal condition.The sleep spindles which is known as a rhythmic activity of brain wave happens and also the body temperature reduces and reach the normal temperature.
  • stage 3 of sleep The brain waves are starts to go slow and also the stage of entering to the deep sleep.In this moment, their is no movement in the muscle and no visible action taken.The brain waves combine with the slow waves so it is known as beta waves.In this stage of sleep, it is not to wake up easily.If wake up happens at this stage of sleep cycle the person gets the feel groggy, confusion disoriented for few minutes and then backs to normal.
  • stage 4 of sleep It is similar to the stage 3 whereas the brain waves are more so it is known as delta waves.As well as the movements of the are lesser than the previous one.so that this stage is also called as delta sleep.During this stage the children , adults are suffered from the bed wetting and also the sleep talking, sleep walking occurs at this stage only.
  • stage 5 of sleep The deep sleep and the body condition, muscles are gets relaxed.The 5th stage of sleep is referred to as REM sleep (Rapid eye movement).From the REM sleep which is characterized by the eye movement that are Respiration rate and the brain activity are in the increased level.The dreaming which occurs at this stage 5 of sleep only.Babies are much utilized in this stage whereas the adults are about less percentage then the babies.so that simply most of the peoples says sleep like a baby.
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