How to get rid of stuffy nose

Introduction To Stuffy Nose :
Stuffy nose is a common problem which everyone can experience during the winter season. There are some common reasons for this stuff nose problem. The moment they got running nose or stuffy nose people will try to find the Ways to get rid of stuffy nose. They will forget what had caused them this nasal congestion, stuffy nose and running nose. It is good to know the causes of stuff nose before we think How to get rid of the stuffy nose ?. I guess this makes sense.
Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose

Stuffy Nose

What are the causes of stuffy nose?

The most important cause of stuffy nose is sinus. Sinusitis is a general term for a sinus infection. Infections caused by Cold and influenza are the causes of the stuffy nose. Apart from these above two major facts other things, like allergies, physical exertion, stress, and air pollution also causes running or stuffy nose.

Treatments to get rid of stuffy nose.

            Home made Remedies to get rid of Stuffy Nose

  • Inhaling the hot steam from boiling water, 2-3 times in a day, is a very good treatment to get rid of stuffy nose. cumin seeds can also be included to get added effect.
  • Taking hot soups especially prepared with ginger and garlic in it, is one of the common home treatment methods for getting rid of a stuffy nose.
  • Eating a Mixture of holy basil leaves, lemon juice and ginger juice in equal proportion with some honey twice a day will help you in getting rid of the stuffy nose.
  • Avoiding of foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates is the better treatment for this stuffy nose problem, since they aggravate the problem of stuffy nose.
  • Sniffing onion, with the outer layers peeled off, has been found to be effective for clearing a stuffy nose.
  • Eating up spicy foods, in moderation will make your nose runny, thus curing the stuffiness.
  • The best way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to avoid tobacco and cigarette smoke.
  • A person who are having the habit of smoking will always found themselves in getting stuffy nose also while sneezing they are spreading this stuffy nose to others.

           Medical treatments to get rid of stuffy nose

The most common kinds of medical treatments to get rid of the stuffy nose are acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis and nasal sprays. Bacteria are the primary cause of acute sinusitis which is an infection often caused common cold or flu, which can last 2-3 three weeks. Nasal sprays are nowadays used to get rid of stuffy nose. yes, you can use nasal sprays to get rid of a stuffy nose for a while.

There are some problems with the nasal sprays such as they are drugs, might cause side effects, secondly they cost more money, you cannot use it directly without practice. You can also use some tablets to get rid of stuffy nose and nasal blockages.

           Natural treatments to get rid of stuffy nose

Saline sinus irrigation - Washing your nose with salt water is the best natural treatment to get rid of stuffy nose.

since it clears the most of debris and mucus which will free up the nasal blockage.

Salt water helps to flush out mucus and kill bacteria. Half a teaspoon of salt per cup of water is the recommended solution for this saline sinus irrigation treatment.

Eucalyptus oil is the commonly recommended method to get rid of stuffy nose. It is normally used to alleviate chest cold.A person who is suffering from the stuffy nose can inhale the eucalyptus oil and rubbing this on the chest will help you in getting rid of stuffy nose fast.

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